Born in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Since 2009, I´m a member of a group of artists, in the city of Gothenburg, where we share a studio. I prefer using acrylic, but also, in a mixture, I´m using oil crayons, graphite and charcoal, which provides me freedom, flexibility and inspiration. Since my teenage period, I have been interested in art and painting, mixing school work with disrespectful experimenting with different materials and technics.

Painting is for me something like falling into a so called "flow", meaning to foreclose the noise from a world, dominated by digital fouling, cultural dismantling and remarkable absence of humanities. Sometimes I express some kind of movement in my paintings, a gesture, a dance pose, an activity or just a stationary expression in body language. Sometimes I go for 100% abstraction and then I just let it happen. Exiting and unexpected. The beholder is the interpreter. Perhaps is it so, that an image expression sometimes has its own will? Anyway, the meaning of art is to exist. It doesn´t have to meet any instrumental advantage.

1975KV (Kursverksamheten)
2005ABF School of Art
2006ABF School of Art
2011Gerlesborg School of Art
Tutorials by Johan Byström och Anna Dellermalm.
Olof Wettre
Olof Wettre